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Airtrax is the original designer and developer of the first commercially produced

Omni-Directional Lift Truck in the world, the ATX-3000.


Airtrax introduced this amazing vehicle concept in 2000, manufactured it from September 2005 until March of 2006, and marketed it until 2008 when the company ceased all operations. Airtrax prototyped several other types of vehicles including the COBRA line of Aerial Work Platforms, but none of those were ever produced or sold.

Vehicle Technologies, Inc. resumed production of the ATX-3000 under license in 2010.

Vehicle Technologies, suspended production of the ATX-3000 in June of 2013

The SIDEWINDER is no longer produced, and is only available

in the used Lift Truck Market

Vehicle Technologies continues to provide replacement parts for the SIDEWINDER as well as producing a wide variety of Omni-Directional vehicles and Mobility Platforms.

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